Whipped ass in prison

Here is a nother whipping story: “whipped ass in prison”, enjoy:

whipped ass in prison 12 e1319512909790 Whipped ass in prisonHello my name is Olivia and I am inmate 777 and I received a whipped ass in prison…

I was born in a small village, as the daughter of a clergyman. I have had a very religious upbringing. In my father’s view, we humans are born in sin and he is convinced that I personally will die in sin. If it was up to my father, I would end up in hell and burn in eternal fire, because I’m a whore. Not even an ordinary whore, but a perverse whore.

whipped ass in prison 01 e1319543724673 Whipped ass in prisonI’m 19 years old and for the first time in my life I am really in love. My love is called Ian. We have known each other of old from the church where he was a choir boy. We haven’t met for years, but our parents were always in contact.
A few months ago, his parents had wedding anniversary and my family was invited for celebration. Ian arrived late and when I spotted him it was all up with me. When my glimpse hit his blue eyes, I immediately fell in love with him.

We dated, did a lot together. My family liked him, my father was whipped ass in prison 03 e1319543806959 Whipped ass in prisonreally impressed by him. He came almost every day on a visit and after a short time he truely belonged to the family. In the village I was asked frequently for my wedding plans. How fast my future would turn around, I wouldn’t have guessed!

Two weeks ago I had my birthday and I could not wait for my most important gift. I knew I would find the perfect love with Ian. I had decorated my house with roses and candles, I wanted to have it happen the romantic way. Everything was prepared for my first time.

whipped ass in prison 05 e1319543914689 Whipped ass in prisonIn the afternoon we celebrated with my parents, then we pretended to go for a walk, but we drove straight to my apartment. I had huge thrill of anticipation, was excited and trembling all over. I couldn’t wait, finally we arrived above. We kissed hard and passionately, and we were naked before we even reached the bedroom. Ian took me to my four-poster bed. He threw me on the bed and tied my wrists to the bed frame. He kissed and caressed me. His lips wandered deeper and deeper. My eyes followed his movements, when I saw my father, the priest, standing in the doorway.

He yelled at me immediately:
“What are you doing, you whore? You, a pastor’s daughter, should have known that whipped ass in prison 08 e1319543978371 Whipped ass in prisonsex before marriage is a sin. But to make it even worse, you let him handcuff you? You both are perverts. You’re not going to meet again! Get dressed Olivia! I’m waiting for you downstairs!”
I got into his car and we drove off. He did not even drop a hint where we were heading. If I would have known, I’d have jumped out of the moving car right away…

whipped ass in prison 11 e1319544048127 Whipped ass in prisonAfter about half an hour, I made out a huge building at a distance. We passed a sign: “Female Correction Center”. When we arrived at the FCC, we were taken to the office of the director, my father went in.. They debated a few minutes, then my father drove away, leaving me in this institution.

They stripped me naked, and they led me into a spartan cell. That was penalty number one.

In the first few days I was left alone and I thought that was about it. A couple of days being locked naked, that really would have been bad enough already.
The next morning a man came and led me into a room where a very severe-looking woman was waiting for us. “Now you are getting your punishment number two”, she said “get ready for a whipped ass!”.

There was some kind of a metal thing in this room. When my feet and wrists got tied to this, I understood, this was a whipping post. So far it was very humiliating, but it got even worse. I saw something black on the side of the man’s hand and in the next moment I onlywhipped ass in prison 18 e1319544124141 Whipped ass in prison felt pain. He whipped on my bare ass. It was some hellish burning pain and my skin turned bright red immediately. After the third lash, I thought I that I was going to faint, but he was not finished yet. He whipped my ass on and on. My butt was already full of red, thick, swollen welts. I begged him to stop it. The woman asked me, if I had learned my lesson, or if I want to go on, living a life full of perversions.  I told her that I didn’t understand what she was talking of. “Give her more of a whipped ass!” was her merciless order…

After a few days of recovery, the whipped-ass-procedure was repeated. This time they broke my resistance and I promised everything they asked for. Just to stop this brutal ass whipping…

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Ass whipping

Hey guys,

recently I went over this blog and I stumbled over this one the very same day. So I thought it would be about time to show some ass whipping on this blog. And as I am used to put my pics where my mouth his – here we go:

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Here we look at a busty blonde, getting some brutal ass whipping. The one ended whip hits her sexy ass stroke after stroke. Also she seems surrounded by two plaguers, looks like a couple.