Girl whip fight

when we posted our picture of the lesbian whipfight, we got a couple of emails, asking for more footage of girl on girl whip fights. Granted, a single picture was a bit nitty, right?

whipfight03 e1318694944414 Girl whip fightBut we are here to learn and as we are starting to post more and better content anyway, I’ll throw out a complete gallery of a girls whipwhipfight04 e1318695087482 Girl whip fight fight. It shows two paingate models, fighting as if their live depended on it. Both are dark-haired, slim and sexy. And they are super cute, aren’t they? We have Mariah to the left, in the black top, already focusing on her villain, can’t wait to beat her up, can’t wait to destroy her, they even have to hold her back. To the right we have Samantha, a proud girl she is. Samantha wears a white top, but who cares, they won’t be left with too many clothes soon anyway…

The rules of the girl whip fight are pretty easy: Both girls are tied whipfight02 e1318699360596 Girl whip fighttogether with a chain. So there will be no fleeing, no retreat. They’ll have to face the enemy, what ever happens. The girl that is lying down on the floor and stays there for 10 seconds will have lost. “The machine” is ruling the fight, trying to keep some control over these hyper-aggressive chics.

The battle starts. Mariah doesn’t wait a second. She throws out a brutal stroke right away. Samantha was surprised by this quick attack. But with a step back and a pull at the chain, she can place a heavy whiplash on Mariah’s left side and Sam is back in the game. In the background we can see “Machine” whipfight05 e1318696023586 Girl whip fighthaving a hard time with these girls. I don’t know why we named it lesbian whip fight, as there doesn’t seem to go on too much love between them.

Below is a good image of the action that followed, Samantha hitting Mariah’s ass:

whipfight06 e1318696951949 Girl whip fight

Of course Mariah is not of the kind, who  is just going to take this. She will show Samantha, what a real hard girls whip fight his. Now look at her gaze:

whipfight09 e1318696695934 Girl whip fight





It’s like if she was going to tell us in a ramboesque manner: “You started a war, that you will never understand…”
And from here on the fight got tougher and tougher…

This is really not the kind of action,  that you only want to be looking at pictures of. Go and see the complete lesbian whip fight video in high quality here.

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