Dungeon Pussy whipping story

pussy whipping 021 e1320175637643 Dungeon Pussy whipping storyFinally I have her. Have her down here in my dungeon. I control her. She is at my mercy. I can do what ever I want with her. A pussy whipping comes to mind. Yeah, how about a pussy whipping?

She was the elected one. The girl that I always wanted to pussy whipping 061 e1320177435971 Dungeon Pussy whipping storytake down here into my dungeon. I observed her for weeks. She was perfect. So cute, so beautiful, but still so innocent. She studies at the university nearby. It was just a matter of time, before I would take her home…

And now I have her down here. She is naked. I took her clothes off and tied her arms up. She has the perfect pussy whipping 121 e1320177866329 Dungeon Pussy whipping storybody. A body that will feel pain shortly, burning pain. But I am not gonna start out with the pussy whipping right away. To increase suspense, i will start by tying up her right leg. This will expose her pussy. She will know what I am after. But I am going to string her along.

It was just this morning. I was waiting in my car, in front of the university main entrance. Waiting for her. It pussy whipping 111 e1320179821749 Dungeon Pussy whipping storywas a cold Decmber morning. My car’s window panes were frozen and I was just about to clean them, when i saw her coming. Like a little angel she walked through the snow. So amazing beautiful in her white jacket with a fur collar. I instantly knew today was the day and I already had a plan…

I take my black and white bullwhip, the king of the whips and WOOOSH, the first lash beats down on her ass. She screams out loud. I continue, I whip her, lash for lash, her ass her back her legs. She screams like crazy. She needs a break. I stop. Give her some water. Look after her marks. She is OK. I am gonna care for her later. Now it’ time for the pussy whipping.

pussy whipping 081 e1320179613203 Dungeon Pussy whipping storyIt was around 3 pm. Again I was waiting for her. This time it was the back entrance. It’s not as busy here as at the main entrance. It was always my plan to have it happen here. There she was, leaving the building. I turned around, no one was there. Only her and me. Perfect! I went out of my car, I came up to her: ” Young Lady…”, I started…

Now I switch to the singletail. I cannot bullwhip her pussy. That would injure her pussy irreparably. The singletail still is a tough beast. This won’t be a cakewalk for her. This means serious pussy pain for her, pussy whipping pain…

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Whipped ass in prison

Here is a nother whipping story: “whipped ass in prison”, enjoy:

whipped ass in prison 12 e1319512909790 Whipped ass in prisonHello my name is Olivia and I am inmate 777 and I received a whipped ass in prison…

I was born in a small village, as the daughter of a clergyman. I have had a very religious upbringing. In my father’s view, we humans are born in sin and he is convinced that I personally will die in sin. If it was up to my father, I would end up in hell and burn in eternal fire, because I’m a whore. Not even an ordinary whore, but a perverse whore.

whipped ass in prison 01 e1319543724673 Whipped ass in prisonI’m 19 years old and for the first time in my life I am really in love. My love is called Ian. We have known each other of old from the church where he was a choir boy. We haven’t met for years, but our parents were always in contact.
A few months ago, his parents had wedding anniversary and my family was invited for celebration. Ian arrived late and when I spotted him it was all up with me. When my glimpse hit his blue eyes, I immediately fell in love with him.

We dated, did a lot together. My family liked him, my father was whipped ass in prison 03 e1319543806959 Whipped ass in prisonreally impressed by him. He came almost every day on a visit and after a short time he truely belonged to the family. In the village I was asked frequently for my wedding plans. How fast my future would turn around, I wouldn’t have guessed!

Two weeks ago I had my birthday and I could not wait for my most important gift. I knew I would find the perfect love with Ian. I had decorated my house with roses and candles, I wanted to have it happen the romantic way. Everything was prepared for my first time.

whipped ass in prison 05 e1319543914689 Whipped ass in prisonIn the afternoon we celebrated with my parents, then we pretended to go for a walk, but we drove straight to my apartment. I had huge thrill of anticipation, was excited and trembling all over. I couldn’t wait, finally we arrived above. We kissed hard and passionately, and we were naked before we even reached the bedroom. Ian took me to my four-poster bed. He threw me on the bed and tied my wrists to the bed frame. He kissed and caressed me. His lips wandered deeper and deeper. My eyes followed his movements, when I saw my father, the priest, standing in the doorway.

He yelled at me immediately:
“What are you doing, you whore? You, a pastor’s daughter, should have known that whipped ass in prison 08 e1319543978371 Whipped ass in prisonsex before marriage is a sin. But to make it even worse, you let him handcuff you? You both are perverts. You’re not going to meet again! Get dressed Olivia! I’m waiting for you downstairs!”
I got into his car and we drove off. He did not even drop a hint where we were heading. If I would have known, I’d have jumped out of the moving car right away…

whipped ass in prison 11 e1319544048127 Whipped ass in prisonAfter about half an hour, I made out a huge building at a distance. We passed a sign: “Female Correction Center”. When we arrived at the FCC, we were taken to the office of the director, my father went in.. They debated a few minutes, then my father drove away, leaving me in this institution.

They stripped me naked, and they led me into a spartan cell. That was penalty number one.

In the first few days I was left alone and I thought that was about it. A couple of days being locked naked, that really would have been bad enough already.
The next morning a man came and led me into a room where a very severe-looking woman was waiting for us. “Now you are getting your punishment number two”, she said “get ready for a whipped ass!”.

There was some kind of a metal thing in this room. When my feet and wrists got tied to this, I understood, this was a whipping post. So far it was very humiliating, but it got even worse. I saw something black on the side of the man’s hand and in the next moment I onlywhipped ass in prison 18 e1319544124141 Whipped ass in prison felt pain. He whipped on my bare ass. It was some hellish burning pain and my skin turned bright red immediately. After the third lash, I thought I that I was going to faint, but he was not finished yet. He whipped my ass on and on. My butt was already full of red, thick, swollen welts. I begged him to stop it. The woman asked me, if I had learned my lesson, or if I want to go on, living a life full of perversions.  I told her that I didn’t understand what she was talking of. “Give her more of a whipped ass!” was her merciless order…

After a few days of recovery, the whipped-ass-procedure was repeated. This time they broke my resistance and I promised everything they asked for. Just to stop this brutal ass whipping…

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Girl whip fight

when we posted our picture of the lesbian whipfight, we got a couple of emails, asking for more footage of girl on girl whip fights. Granted, a single picture was a bit nitty, right?

whipfight03 e1318694944414 Girl whip fightBut we are here to learn and as we are starting to post more and better content anyway, I’ll throw out a complete gallery of a girls whipwhipfight04 e1318695087482 Girl whip fight fight. It shows two paingate models, fighting as if their live depended on it. Both are dark-haired, slim and sexy. And they are super cute, aren’t they? We have Mariah to the left, in the black top, already focusing on her villain, can’t wait to beat her up, can’t wait to destroy her, they even have to hold her back. To the right we have Samantha, a proud girl she is. Samantha wears a white top, but who cares, they won’t be left with too many clothes soon anyway…

The rules of the girl whip fight are pretty easy: Both girls are tied whipfight02 e1318699360596 Girl whip fighttogether with a chain. So there will be no fleeing, no retreat. They’ll have to face the enemy, what ever happens. The girl that is lying down on the floor and stays there for 10 seconds will have lost. “The machine” is ruling the fight, trying to keep some control over these hyper-aggressive chics.

The battle starts. Mariah doesn’t wait a second. She throws out a brutal stroke right away. Samantha was surprised by this quick attack. But with a step back and a pull at the chain, she can place a heavy whiplash on Mariah’s left side and Sam is back in the game. In the background we can see “Machine” whipfight05 e1318696023586 Girl whip fighthaving a hard time with these girls. I don’t know why we named it lesbian whip fight, as there doesn’t seem to go on too much love between them.

Below is a good image of the action that followed, Samantha hitting Mariah’s ass:

whipfight06 e1318696951949 Girl whip fight

Of course Mariah is not of the kind, who  is just going to take this. She will show Samantha, what a real hard girls whip fight his. Now look at her gaze:

whipfight09 e1318696695934 Girl whip fight





It’s like if she was going to tell us in a ramboesque manner: “You started a war, that you will never understand…”
And from here on the fight got tougher and tougher…

This is really not the kind of action,  that you only want to be looking at pictures of. Go and see the complete lesbian whip fight video in high quality here.

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Whipping stories

Howdy fellas, we are launching a sequence of whipping stories, sweet Mandy begins with the 1st capter, so be nice to her.

Hello, I am Mandy, I’m a passionate shopper and here is the first of my whipping stories. My partner is a CEO, so I could spend cash without planning, at least that’s what I used to think. I am mad for gorgeous nighties and high boot footwear. These are not only for MY satisfaction …: ) but regrettably this high end lifestyle ought to come to an ending rapidly…

Recently I decided to go store hopping with my top gf. Located at Prada’s we saw some loveley ” booties “. I had to have them. 10 of these!

7 days after, we got the bill, my partner phoned me and stated, either I’d going to decrease my purchasings or he would be forced to deliver me to F.C.C. For sure, I did not want to resign on all the amazing luxury, so I decided to take the penalty. I was intended to understand and make improvements because bucks do not raise on bushes…

I may say one particular thing riight out, the F.C.C. is a special institution. I had things taking place there, which I will always remember, they will consistently be in my head…

In the first 7 days almost everything was pretty alright, but shortly the issues began: those nighties. For sure I did not like to dress in those shady prison underpants, they were not my class. These are simply too miserable and itchy, leading to an uncomfortable sensation at my clit and they were tweaking the butt. I desired for my luxury undergarment. My inmate informed me of a girl which traded with lingerie. Amusing, right? But eventually I got trapped…

whipping stories 150x150 Whipping storiesThose sadistic sentinels pulled me into the working area in the morning and then they began. Initially they only offended me personally, however I did not care yet. Honestly, precisely what might they do, which hasn’t been executed on me previously? I erred…

Now they turned quite crazy and I had to take my clothes off. After that I understood it was severe. A particular guard forced me to turn around, unfold my thighs and grab the table. I imagined he was to frisk me, to observe If I did not hide any knife covered in my thighs.

Yet what followed and took place , I had not considered. Really, they did hit me … flogged mywhipping stories 2 150x150 Whipping stories bottom…with a reall flog!!! I had no plan where this device of punishment originated from. However what I understand is that the anguish came down in unison with the lash of the flog. This specific ache is not the same as a tiny punch on the backside. Obviously the last mentioned also hurts in some way, but a real hard flogging is painful as hell and the suffering seems to last eternally! It truly hurts like mad. And yet this was solely the start…Strokes arrived more and more rapidly, right after the tenth hit, it felt like eternity. I was near to fainting. My butt and legs hurted seriously. Then he eventually paused, nonetheless just foe a while. He switched the flog. It was a lot heavier and had reddish coloring. I believe I observed that flog earlier on television. Affirmed, this seemed to be a BULLWHIP!!!

whipping stories 3 150x150 Whipping storiesAfter that he began to whip me from the right. He stroke my breasts, and my pussy, though, to my delight, it kind of stopped hurting… strange, I sort of began loving it…

In all honesty, I began to appreciate the pain. I do not think, this was the way this schooling was designed by my life partner: )#) I was required to learn my lesson, particularly not to be wasteful, however now I ultimately got an entertainment, one I could easily get hooked to… by now I enjoyed it…

Eventually I realized that these people had the entire torture on movie…

A handful of nights afterwards, back home, they mailed me a loads of pictures and the entire video, in high definition.

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Tit whipping

There are three main categories of flogging girls. These are structured by the body parts, which are punished. Namely there is tit whipping (also referred to as breast whipping), ass whipping and pussy whipping. The latter two are seen pretty frequently on quality BDSM sites, while the boobies flogging does not appear nearly as frequently. Why is this so?

I’m afraid I am not able to come up with a perfect or scientific sustainable answer, but I am going to try my best to come up with a reasonable analysis.

Why don’t we start by looking at a typical example? So here we go:

tit whipping 1 210x300 Tit whipping

So isn’t this an amazing image? The photographer must have chosen an extremely short exposure time, to come up with this very sharp action picture. If this would have been my shot, I guess the result would have been pretty blurred.

But back to the actual scene… I love how the bottom part of the whip kind of hits her left tit right below her teat, but the three tailed end of the whip hits the target in full extent, scourging her right tit. It does not take much to read her face for the pain rising from her chest to her head.

Also notice how she turns her head away from the tormentor, as if she wanted to treat him with contempt. What a proud woman she is!

whipped tits 210x300 Tit whippingThis is another image from the same punishment session. By the way, you can click here for more images of the same shooting.

We can spot some details, that have been missing in the former image. First, her arms are tied to a whipping post. Second, she is completely naked, but wait, she wears some sexy high leather boots. I love scenes with whipped girls in leather boots. Doesn’t that turn you on too?

So to be honest I got a bit lost in my analysis, but who wouldn’t get distracted by such steamy natural boobies getting flogged?

The bottom line is, I really can’t tell why tit whipping is so underrepresented in the BDSM scene, because you can come up with such beautiful pictures, if you put some effort into it. You may even say, nothing as erotic as a pair of big natural tits getting whipped.

If you are looking for a quality site offering some really good tit whipping movies and pics, you need to try whipped women, a top notch whipping site. You won’t be disappointed!

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Ass whipping

Hey guys,

recently I went over this blog and I stumbled over this one the very same day. So I thought it would be about time to show some ass whipping on this blog. And as I am used to put my pics where my mouth his – here we go:

17 210x300 Ass whipping

Here we look at a busty blonde, getting some brutal ass whipping. The one ended whip hits her sexy ass stroke after stroke. Also she seems surrounded by two plaguers, looks like a couple.

Pussy whipping

EDIT: This was a post when we were new. We got so much better. Click here for a current illustrated pussy whipping story.


oh, I am so proud to present the picture of the day. It shows a quite uncommon whipping scene…

A blonde girl is meditating and doing Yoga, while she receives a brutal pussy whipping

91slfa1h 214x300 Pussy whipping

So she takes stroke after stroke, without showing any fear or emotion. Is this the way Buddha would have taken it? Just being in the moment and accepting what ever happens? Ohmmm!

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Outdoor whipping

I did look around a long time, before I came up with today’s image. But the time was well worth it in my opinion.

Here we look at the image of a beautiful blonde girl, tight at some kind of pale and getting punished. It is amazing to see how th whip drills into her meaty ass. A really nice piece of outdoor whipping:

kgnphvpi 233x300 Outdoor whipping

BTW, if you like this picture, you should definitely do not miss out on this terrific outdoor whipping


Lesbian whip fight

Not really positive, if we are looking at two lesbians, but this is a whip fight for sure.

Nonetheless I came up with the title “Lesbian whip fight”.

081 234x300 Lesbian whip fight

This is an action image. Look at the girls hitting each other at the same time.

Whipping at it’s best IMHO, stay tuned for more action here at girl-whipping.com soon,


UPDATE: Due to high demand, here is a new post with a complete girl whip fight gallery!

Launch of girl whipping

Hello friends, here is a blog about whipping girls.

To get you an idea of what we are talking about, here is an image that shows what you will get to sse on girl whipping:

08 209x300 Launch of girl whipping

A perfect body, a beautiful ass getting whipped, just so lovely…

Expect to get to see tons of cute girls getting whipped in the future, here at girl-whipping.com

Hope to see you soon back here,